Hover is a domain registration service provider powered by Tucows Inc., the largest publicly traded (NYSE AMEX: TCX, TSX: TC) and third largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world. Launched in 2009, Hover offers an inexpensive, uncluttered alternative to other domain name registration services that spam advertisements for useless or otherwise unnecessary add-ons throughout their messy user interfaces and/or overcharge for low caliber services backed by mediocre support. Affordable and intuitive, Hover's services are all backed by superior customer service.

Aspiring and veteran webmasters alike will appreciate Hover's ethical business practices and quality services.
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Hover Screenshots

People generally like to see what they're getting for their money prior to spending it. Hover's clean, intuitive interface, free of spam and other nonsense, is most welcome in an industry where clutter has become the norm. These screenshots exemplify how easy it is for one to manage their domains and account information at Hover.com.

Hover Screenshot - List of Domains Hover Screenshot - Manage Domain Hover Screenshot - Manage Email Hover Screenshot - Manage Forwards Hover Screenshot - Billing

Low Cost Domain Names

Hover offers simple and affordable pricing that anyone can understand at first glance and no attempts are ever made to trick customers into spending money unnecessarily. Also, add-ons and features that other domain registration services may charge extra for are included free. There are no hidden fees or aggressive, misleading sales pitches with Hover. The price seen is the price paid unless 10% off Hover coupon code HONEST is applied. :-)

Every inexpensive domain name registered with Hover includes FREE:

Hover doesn't lure people in with seemingly cheap domains only to charge extra for services that should come standard. Beware of false economies masquerading as discounts. The true discount is with Hover and Tucows Inc. For an even greater bargain, apply 10% off Hover coupon code HONEST at checkout. Hover coupons for the win! ;-)

Customer Service

Ross Rader, General Manager of Hover, deeply and profoundly understands and values the importance of the entire customer experience. This is directly reflected in the way that Hover conducts itself.

The Hover experience vastly differs from the other experience. Here's how:

Hover and its employees, backed by the power of Tucows Inc., an ICANN-accredited registrar since 1999, are eager, ready, and willing to serve. Registering with and/or transferring to Hover is easy so why put it off any longer?


Hover.com Coupon Codes

Thanks for using Hover.com promotional code HONEST, the #1 Hover.com coupon code. HoverCoupon.com's proprietor has donated 10% of all quarterly net profits received to the American Red Cross, a nonpartisan aid agency formed in 1881. Hover.com promo code HONEST has aided global humanitarian efforts and gives a 10% discount.